A great man is one who collects knowledge the way a bee collects honey and uses it to help people overcome the difficulties they endure - hunger, ignorance and disease!
- Nikola Tesla

Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.
- Franklin Roosevelt

While their territory has been devastated and their homes despoiled, the spirit of the Serbian people has not been broken.
- Woodrow Wilson

Holy New Martyrs of Prebilovci – Herzegovina

His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej will consecrate the Church and officiate Hierarchical Liturgy on Saturday, 8 August 2015, at 0800.

Over there, in the south, in the vicinity of Hutovo, the Neretva, and the Bregava, on a hill in Prebilovci a miracle is happening. An event is happening, the most important event for man, the world and its existence. Resurrection is happening. God is frequenting his people; God is resurrecting human bones; Lord’s Wisdom is building a home for Himself and them, the martyrs’ bones.

Seventy-five years ago the martyrs of Prebilovci lived the same lives as we do today: they worried, they worked, they feared, they hoped, they had things and were deficient in them, they rejoiced and mourned, they sang at times and at times they cried; they fantasized, loved and dreamed.

However, some other people, having let evil and the evil one into their hearts, set their minds on murdering them. Not merely to deprive them of their property, their joy and sorrow, but of much more – they set their minds on depriving them of the life itself. And they committed the misdeed. They murdered the women, the children, the adults, the elderly men and women. They threw them into pits, bottomless pits, into the deepest darkness, into the depths of soil. Then, among themselves they divided the plunder – their property, their husbandry, their sheep and horses, their oxen, their fruits and vegetables, their corn and vineyards. But soon, as soon as the war was over, it was not to be for them to enjoy the plunder. The evil people roamed about the world; the murderers and slayers; drunkards, liars; their tracks were covered and they would vanish without leaving a trace. Finally, fifty years after the Golgotha, martyrs’ bones saw the light and the sun; they shone in the midst of the darkness of human evil as peace and a reminder, and the sons of the martyrs, at last, buried their ancestors’ bones worthily.


Alas, people failed to learn a lesson from their Golgotha. Sons of the villains, their sons by virtue of their volition and determination, destroyed the temple under construction with mines and bombs, and, for the second time, treacherously murdered the already murdered. A cloud of ash rose from the explosion along with a shower of sparks. Just like the ones before them, these murderers too started roaming about the world covered with and indelibly marked by the ashes of the innocent and burned bones. And the sparks from the disastrous explosion silently fell onto the homes of the martyrs’ sons, into the subdued icon lamps and started to serve and shine appeasably and silently. Their descendants, many of whom Herzegovinians scattered around the world, stood in front of the icons praying to God and the Saints thus flaring up memory of their martyred ancestors. It is from their faith that this church of Christ’s Resurrection has arisen in Prebilovci – white and light, generated from the ashes and bones of the innocent ones who had been murdered, built on the faith in Christ Who delivers from hell, from the bowels of the Earth, every deceased soul. It is He, Christ, Who has delivered from death and brought to life the martyrs of Prebilovci and Herzegovina.

That is why we invite you to concelebrate the martyrs and consecration of the church as if it were the holiday of Resurrection. Dress festively, we shall sing to the victory; it shall not be a memorial service over the dead. Come from wherever you are, no matter how far you are; they will be waiting for you – the martyrs of Prebilovci. And, at their side, Christ Himself will be waiting for you. Wash your soul with forgiveness, your body with peace and repentance, let your heart burn like an icon lamp, and cover your face with joy. Come to Prebilovci for it is better to descend from a martyr than from a murderer. What we have been waiting for has happened: the victory of justice and life, for it is not shameful to be murdered but to be a murderer. Therefore, brothers and sisters, it is better we warm ourselves by the fire of glory and Golgotha than gain the whole world yet forfeit our soul. I bow my knees before you asking you to dress in joy and white. Bring along good will and willingness and come to Prebilovci to celebrate life and Resurrection!

Bishop ZHiP Grigorije

Stamatis Skliris: Wall paintings – Holy New Martyrs of Prebilovci – Herzegovina



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Teresa A.H. Djuric

Brig. Gen. Teresa A.H. Djuric is Deputy Director, Space and Intelligence Office, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. General Djuric leads the Under Secretary's strategic planning and programming for defense space programs valued at $12 billion. She provides guidance and oversight of the architecture studies leading to the development and procurement of future defense space programs. She provides principal support to the Under Secretary's role as the focal point for space matters and in coordinating activities across the whole of government space enterprise.

General Djuric was commissioned in 1983 through Officer Training School. She has operated space systems at three space wings and Headquarters 14th Air Force. In 2004, she deployed to Southwest Asia as Director of Space Forces for operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. She has commanded at the squadron, group, wing and education center levels, and has served on staffs at the Air Force Personnel Center, U.S. Pacific Command, Headquarters U.S. Air Force and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Prior to her current assignment, she was Commander, Jeanne M. Holm Center for Officer Accessions and Citizen Development, Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala.

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My Brother's Keeper

by Fr. Radovan Bigovic

Rare are the books of Orthodox Christian authors that deal with the subject of politics in a comprehensive way. It is taken for granted that politics has to do with the secularized (legal) protection of human rights (a reproduction of the philosophy of the Enlightenment), within the political system of so-called "representative democracy", which is limited mostly to social utility or to the conventional rules of human relations. Most Christians look at politics and democracy as unrelated with their experience of the Church herself, which abides both in history and in the Kingdom, the eschaton. Today, the commercialization of politics—its submission to the laws of publicity and the brainwashing of the masses—has literally abolished the "representative" parliamentary system. So, why bother with politics when every citizen of so-called developed societies has a direct everyday experience of the rapid decline and alienation of the fundamental aspects of modernity?

In the Orthodox milieu, Christos Yannaras has highlighted the conception of the social and political event that is borne by the Orthodox ecclesiastical tradition, which entails a personalistic (assumes an infinite value of the human person as opposed to Western utilitarian individualism) and relational approach. Fr Radovan Bigovic follows this approach. In this book, the reader will find a faithful engagement with the liturgical and patristic traditions, with contemporary thinkers, Orthodox and non-Orthodox, all in conversation with political science and philosophy. As an excellent Orthodox theologian and a proponent of dialogue, rooted in the catholic (holistic) being of the Orthodox Church and of his Serbian people, Fr Radovan offers a methodology that encompasses the above-mentioned concerns and quests.