A great man is one who collects knowledge the way a bee collects honey and uses it to help people overcome the difficulties they endure - hunger, ignorance and disease!
- Nikola Tesla

Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.
- Franklin Roosevelt

While their territory has been devastated and their homes despoiled, the spirit of the Serbian people has not been broken.
- Woodrow Wilson

Michael (Miroslav) Djordjevich

Michael (Miroslav) Djordjevich, from San Rafael California, was one of the patrons of today’s Serbian Philanthropy in the United States. Mr. Djordjevich founded Capital Guaranty Corporation, one of the first companies in the US to insure municipal bonds, ensuring $18 billion in financing for various infrastructure projects in America, which company he took public on the NY Stock Exchange in 1993, and subsequently sold his stake to devote himself full time to Serbian philanthropy.

He was the founder and director of the Serbian Unity Congress (founded in 1991) which became an international non-profit organization with hundreds of thousands of members giving invaluable aid to Serbs in the former Yugoslavia during the tumultuous times of its break up, war, and new post war beginning, as well as organizing our people to educate governments, politicians and journalists about that war, our culture, history and people.

He founded the Studenica Foundation (1993), with three other families in the US, which continues to give scholarships to Serbian university students in every field, and which has given thousands of such scholarships (about 300 for study in the US), in the hope that such young intellectuals would rebuild Serbia and the region and continue to contribute to its future prosperity.

After the war ended in the former Yugoslavia, Mr. Djordjevich also founded and was President and Chief Executive Officer of the Bank of Southeast Europe International, Inc. and rebuilt Razvojna Banka in Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina post war. With little or no international aid going to Serbs post war, the banks, giving small business loans to private Serbian businesses and farmers (to buy tractors, seeds, fertilizers etc.) were critical for Serbs to rebuild their war torn regions. I believe that without this critical assistance there would have been an even greater mass exodus of Serbs out of Bosnia and even the very existence of Republika Srpska would have been in peril.

Post war, after the fall of the then government, Mr. Djordjevich also initiated and organized the Sentandrea Sabor in Hungary, bringing together the new Serbian government, diaspora experts, the crown, and representatives of various Serbian parties to unite and plan the rebuilding of Serbia. At his helm, even a list of 1500 diaspora professors at prestigious universities was created for the Serbian government, as well as lists of other experts.

Mr. Djordjevich is the recipient of the Medal of Nemanja (II Degree); Medal of Yugoslav Flag (II Degree).

Who’s Who Worldwide Lifetime Achievement Award; Americanism Medal from the National Society Daughters of the American Colonists and served on the on the Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Centennial Commission.

He is the author of several published volumes of poetry and a two volume book “Decenija Iluzije” about the work of the diaspora during the war and mistakes made by the US, Serbia and Diaspora Serbs during that decade, so that we do not repeat history.

He has been a Member of the Serbian Orthodox Church St. John the Baptist (since 1956) in San Francisco, California.

Most importantly, Mr. Djordjevich has served as a role model and inspiration to “younger” generations of Serbs in the diaspora to become involved and help our former countrymen, as well as those in the diaspora, both to prosper and not forget our roots.

Michael Djordjevic passed away on May 8, 2023.



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Jelena Stupljanin

While in high school, Jelena ended up in a drama studio where she was trained and tutored by the late legendary acting professor Milenko Maricic. Then, a year later she was accepted at the prestigious National Academy of Dramatic Arts of Serbia, after auditioning with nearly 1000 candidates, in the class of the renown professor Gordana Maric. She completed the four years endeavor ahead of time with excellence and an award 'Branivoj Djordjevic' for best student in diction.

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Poemes de Jovan Dučić / Песме Јована Дучића

Translated into French by Petar Bubresko. Bilingual edition (French and Serbian)

The first bilingual edition translations of poems in French of this prince of Serbian poetry. These translations of poems Dučić meet two objectives: to publicize the work of the poet to Francophone readers and pay tribute to both the Serbian language Dučić and French language to which the great poet and Petar Bubreško were passionately attached. This book is dedicated to Leposava Bubreško (1923-2013) professor Bubreško’s wife who wanted so much this work to be published.

Publishers: Sebastian Press, Vidoslov, and Metokhia

216 pages, soft bound, published in 2015, price $15

Песме Јована Дучића

На француски језик превео проф. др Петар Д. Бубрешко

Ова књига је посвећена Лепосави Бубрешко (1923-2013), супрузи професора Петра Д. Бубрешка, која је толико желела да ово дело изађе на светлост

Саиздавачи: Видослов, Требиње и Metokhia, Paris


Мирна као мрамор, хладна као сена,
Ти си бледо тихо девојче што снева.
Пусти песма других нека буде жена,
Што по нечистим улицама пева.

Ја не мећем на те ђинђуве са траком,
Него жуте руже у те косе дуге:
Буди одвећ лепа да се свиђаш сваком,
Одвећ горда да би живела за друге.

Буди одвећ тужна са сопствених јада,
Да би ишла икад да тешиш ко страда,
А чедна, да водиш гомиле што нагле.

И стој равнодушна, док око твог тела,
Место китњастог и раскошног одела,
Лебди само прамен тајанствене магле.

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