A great man is one who collects knowledge the way a bee collects honey and uses it to help people overcome the difficulties they endure - hunger, ignorance and disease!
- Nikola Tesla

Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.
- Franklin Roosevelt

While their territory has been devastated and their homes despoiled, the spirit of the Serbian people has not been broken.
- Woodrow Wilson

Simo 1849 - 1893, Marko 1884 - 1887, Jovo 1887 - 1887

 Prednja strana spomenika


   Ovgen Pociva

SimoSinSava. I Sofie


Rogen 6 1849 u Morign

   u BokuKotorsku

    U Austriu


na 12 nov.g. 1893

  u. Giakson Kal

Vieena inu Pamiat

Bočna leva strana spomenika


  Ovgen Pociva

MarkoSinSima i Nine


Rogen na 6. jugna

1884. g. Prestavieo

na 14 Julia g 1887.

u Giakson Kal.


Bočna desna strana spomenika


   Ovgen Pociva

JovoSinSima i Nine


Rogenna 21 Marca

1887.g. Prestaviena9

   Julia. 1887. G.

  u. Giakson. Kal.


* Ovaj se grob smatra najstarijim na ovom groblju






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Zorica Pantic, born circa 1951 in the former Yugoslavia, is a college administrator and professor of electrical engineering. In 2005 she was appointed the fourth president of Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston.

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All Roads Lead to Jackson

Serbian American Contributions in Amador County, California, since the Gold Rush
Milina Jovanović offers a unique compilation of individual and family immigration stories that include enormous contributions to the development of California and significant community involvement. In this version of people’s history she chronicles how Serbian Americans have strengthened community, region, state, and country through the endeavors and struggles of 150 years. This book also focuses on women’s contributions that are too often overlooked. Ms. Jovanović’s study reveals that Jackson not only remains an original and symbolic home to Serbian Americans and Serbian Orthodox religion, but also an oasis where the Serbian community has preserved its positive reputation and social influence.

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