A Statue of Nikola Tesla in the Silicon Valley

Why a statue of Nikola Tesla in the Silicon Valley?

Nikola Tesla is an under-recognized inventor who was instrumental to our mainstay system of electricity transfer (alternating current) and made hundreds of significant and groundbreaking inventions in areas of wireless energy, wireless communication, magnetism, radio, x-rays, cosmic rays, radar, robotics, engine-powered aircraft and much more.


Silicon Valley enjoys an elevated lifestyle derived from advancing the foundation Nikola Tesla helped lay. This project pays respect to the person who used his brilliance to advance society, not for personal wealth. The Tesla Statue can inspire entrepreneurs - who come here from all over the world - to think similarly, especially on big topics like energy and wireless information transfer. The free exchange of information and affordable access to sustainable energy have the potential to solve the critical issues of poverty and education, and inspire peace.


You can help make this project happen by pledging funds in exchange for Tesla inspired rewards or by spreading the word. You can keep tabs on this project in 2013 by becoming a backer or following @teslastatue on Twitter.

Our favorite reward is the ability for you to have your individual, family or organization’s name etched in stone for good alongside the Tesla Statue. If that is not affordable or appealing we hope the rest of the rewards will be interesting to you! If you can't afford to support the project but want to help out in any way please message us.

“My belief is firm in a law of compensation. The true rewards are ever in proportion to the labour and sacrifices made.” - Nikola Tesla, 1919