Belgrade Philharmonic Foundation's International Activities: Tasovac and Jecl in New York

Ivan Tasovac, Director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, and Igor Jecl, Chairman of the Belgrade Philharmonic Foundation, are visiting New York in the period 20–22 February 2013, for the Steering Committee meeting of the foundation American Friends of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.


The principal item in the meeting agenda is the organisation of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra's tour of the United States, scheduled in the autumn of 2014. The organisation of the tour, including concerts in New York, Washington D.C., Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Chicago, is currently in the planning stage.

Activities of the foundation American Friends of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra are focused on the revival of charitable trusts in the field of culture and the development of public-private partnership in financing institutions in Serbia. It should be noted that the New York-based non-profit organisation American Friends of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra was granted the special 501(C)(3) status in 2012, which entitles donors to significant tax exemptions.

While in New York, Tasovac and Jecl will have meetings with Paul Epstein, Chairman of Artsmart Inc, which commits to international branding and positioning of artistic creators, Leonard Stein, Opus 3 Artists Senior Vice President and Director of the Touring Division, Suzanne Ponsot, Executive Director of the American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, James Russell, architecture and design critic at Bloomberg, as well as with representatives of PR agencies in New York.

From Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra