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Belgrade Philharmonic Foundation's International Activities: Tasovac and Jecl in New York

Ivan Tasovac, Director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, and Igor Jecl, Chairman of the Belgrade Philharmonic Foundation, are visiting New York in the period 20–22 February 2013, for the Steering Committee meeting of the foundation American Friends of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.


The principal item in the meeting agenda is the organisation of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra's tour of the United States, scheduled in the autumn of 2014. The organisation of the tour, including concerts in New York, Washington D.C., Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Chicago, is currently in the planning stage.

Activities of the foundation American Friends of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra are focused on the revival of charitable trusts in the field of culture and the development of public-private partnership in financing institutions in Serbia. It should be noted that the New York-based non-profit organisation American Friends of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra was granted the special 501(C)(3) status in 2012, which entitles donors to significant tax exemptions.

While in New York, Tasovac and Jecl will have meetings with Paul Epstein, Chairman of Artsmart Inc, which commits to international branding and positioning of artistic creators, Leonard Stein, Opus 3 Artists Senior Vice President and Director of the Touring Division, Suzanne Ponsot, Executive Director of the American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, James Russell, architecture and design critic at Bloomberg, as well as with representatives of PR agencies in New York.

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Marta Milosevic-Brankovic

Marta Milosevic-Brankovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia. She has captured the attention of audience and critics alike since her concerto debut at Ganz Rudolph Hall in Chicago in 2005 where one of the most famous pianists alive, Abbey Simon (Professor at the Juilliard School) personally attended the concert and highly acclaimed her performance of Bach and Chopin. At the age of six Marta took her first piano lesson and already a year later she played her first public concert. She was 21 when she graduated at the Music Art Academy in Belgrade as the youngest student with the highest GPA in the generation. She received her early musical training in class of Russian Professor Jakuthon Mlhailovich, a graduate from the Moscow Conservatory. At the same time she has also completed Media studies at the University of Art in Belgrade. During her studies, she worked with eminent artists from her country and auended a number of piano master courses of the following Professors: Sijavus Gadzijev (Moscow). Tamara Stefanovic (Koeln). Dr. David Abot (Zurich-New York), Dr. Tatjana Rankovich (New York), Dr. Omitry Rachmanov (Chicago-New York) and many others.

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Notes On Ecumenism

Written in 1972 by St. Abba Justin Popovich, edited by Bishop Athanasius Yevtich, translated from Serbian by Aleksandra Stojanovich, and proofread by Fr Miroljub Ruzich

Abba Justin’s manuscript legacy (on which Bishop Athanasius have been working for a couple of years preparing an edition of The Complete Works ), also includes a parcel of sheets/small sheets of paper (in the 1/4 A4 size) with the notes on Ecumenism (written in pencil and dating from the period when he was working on his book “The Orthodox Church and Ecumenism”; there are also references to the writings of St. Bishop Nikolai [Velimirovich], short excerpts copied from his Sermons, some of which were quoted in the book).

The editor presents the Notes authentically, as he has found them in the manuscripts (his words inserted in the text, as clarification, are put between the slashes /…/; all the footnotes are ours).—In the appendix are present the facsimiles of the majority of Abba’s Notes which were supposed to be included in his book On Ecumenism (written in haste then, but now significantly supplemented with these Notes. The Notes make evident the full extent of Justin’s profundity as a theologian and ecclesiologist of the authentic Orthodoxy).—The real Justin is present in these Notes: by his original language, style, literature, polemics, philosophy, theology, and above all by his confession of the God-man Christ and His Church. He confesses his faith, tradition, experience and his perspective on man, on the world and on Europe—invariably in the Church and from the Church, in the God-man Christ and from Him, just as he did in all of his writings and in his entire life and theologizing.