A great man is one who collects knowledge the way a bee collects honey and uses it to help people overcome the difficulties they endure - hunger, ignorance and disease!
- Nikola Tesla

Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.
- Franklin Roosevelt

While their territory has been devastated and their homes despoiled, the spirit of the Serbian people has not been broken.
- Woodrow Wilson

Florence 1889 - 1972, John 1869 - 1943, Chris 1916 - 1936

             1889 - 1972                                                                      ОВЂЕ ПОЧИВА                          ОВЂЕ ПОЧИВА

ЦВИЈЕТА ВУКОВИЋ, РОЂ.                                                ГОЈО ВУКОВИЋ, РОЂЕН           ПОКОЈНИ КРСТО СИН

 ВУКОВИЋ, У УБЛИ, БОКА                                                    23 ЈАНУВАРА 1869. Г.                   ГОЈА И ЦВИЈЕТА

КОТОРСКА, ЈУГОСЛАВИЈА                                                У БОКИ КОТОРСКОЈ                   ВУКОВИЋ, РОЂЕН 21

   ОД ПОК. РОДИТЕЉА                                                           ЈУГОСЛАВИЈА                          СЕПТЕМБРА 1916. Г.

   ТОДОРА И ЈЕКИЦЕ.                                                       ПРЕСЕЛИЈОСЕ ДАНА 9                  У АМАДОР КАЛИФ.

ДОШЛА У АМЕРИКУ 1913                                                   ЈУНА 1943. Г. ОВАЈ                            ПРЕМИНУ

ГОД. А ПРЕСЕЛИЛА СЕ                                                      СПОМЕНИК ПОДИЖЕ                         ДАНА 24

У ВЈЕЧНОСТ 14 ОКТОБРА                                                  СУПРУГА И МАЈКА                           ДЕЦЕМБРА

1972 ГОД. У СТОКТОНУ.                                                   ЦВИЈЕТА ВУКОВИЋ, И                         1936. Г.

    САХРАЊЕНА 20                                                              ФАМИЉА, ВЈЕЧНА ИМ                      САХРАЊЕН

ОКТОБРА 1972 ГОД.                                                            ПАМЈАТ И БЛАЖЕНИ                     30 ИСТОГ. МЈ

ЛАКА ЈОЈ ЗЕМЉА!                                                                        ПОКОЈ





                                                                                                   1889 - 1972

                                                                           JOHN                CHRIS

                                                                      1869 - 1943          1916 - 1936



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Marko V. Jaric

Marko V. Jaric was born on March 17, 1952 in Belgrade. He completed his elementary school education in Belgrade and attended the Air Force Military High School in Mostar where he graduated in 1970 as the best student of his class. Subsequently he enrolled at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics where he received a degree in physics in 1974, graduating as the best student of his generation. He received his Ph.D. in 1978 at the City University of New York with professor Joseph Birman, one of the most prominent physicists in solid-state physics, as his thesis advisor.

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The Thunderbolt of Ever-Living Fire

by archimandrite Vasileios of Iveron

The present book consists of Elder Vaileios' talks, discussions and dialogues in various venues mostly in the United States during his visit in 2011, along with excerpts from his writings selected to complement the themes of his talks.  The themes dealt with by Fr. Vasileios so eloquently in this book are extraordinarily wide-ranging; he handles complex and difficult issues in theology, spirituality, liturgics, parish life and monasticism with amazing clarity and insight.  He quotes with equal facility from figures as diverse as Heraclitus, Dostoevsky, St. Isacc the Syrian, St. Maximus the Confessor, Stefan Zweig, Andrei Tarkovsky, Vladimir Lossy, Georges Florovsky and St. Nicholas Cabasilas.  Above all, there is an exhilarating sense of freedom and innocence in his thought.  It is the freedom and innocence of profound faith and spiritual knowledge and childlike simplicity.  HIs wisnow is expressed via the "hyperlogic" of a hesychastic spriti, which makes for surprising connections and illuminating insights.

The appearance of this new book by Archimandrite Vaileios is truly a cuase for celebration.

143 pages
ISBN: 978-1-936773-16-9